Saturday, October 6, 2012


A wedding, a baby shower, the birth of a baby, the purchase of a home, graduations, birthday parties, and religious celebrations are special occasions to get together with loved ones and those close friends with whom we share our triumphs and happy moments. However these events have turned into a headache for some and in a tasteless commitment to others. The reason? The new trend known as “Rainfall of Envelopes”.

And what is happening is that more and more, the tradition of being creative when choosing or making a present, like baking a cake, knitting or crocheting an outfit for a baby, painting a portrait or taking the time to make an album of special moments, are not part of the items demanded on today’s gift registries.

The rush to “get back the money invested” in a celebration has distorted the true meaning behind sharing those precious moments with loved ones and with friends. As far as educating children on the matter, it’s sad to see how our little ones are more concerned about the gifts they will receive than in actually sharing the moments with their best friends. Not to mention the pressure felt by some, who in spite of their love for the one being celebrated, refrain from attending to many of the events because they are not able to meet the “quota” established for such events.

In addition, rules of etiquette are broken when making gift lists or when requesting money at the time the invitation is made. Ms. Maria Cecilia Saenz Gomez, director of Protocolo Empresarial MCS, a Colombian organization specialized in protocol and etiquette assessment, says that “to suggest a gift is a gesture of bad taste, it is out of etiquette and in addition, distorts the sense of originality and spontaneity of the gift giver.”

The only occasions where a “Rainfall of Envelopes” is acceptable under the rules of good education and etiquette are in weddings where the couple plans on moving out of the city, or when they have lived together prior to getting married – for obvious reasons. The “list of gifts” is appropriate exclusively for weddings, as long as all types of budgets and guests are taken into account.

Don’t let your celebrations become tasteless or an uncomfortable event for your guests. If you don’t have the budget for a party then don’t throw one. If you don’t have much to share, then, share what you can, but allow for your loved ones to think of you and express their love in their own way and in the capacity they are able to do so. You will see that when you’re grateful for what they’ve offered you, the desire to give more and better or to give what you long for most will come spontaneously for them and will be of great satisfaction to you.

The value of good company at special occasions cannot be measured through money or a gift list. Give yourself the gift of selflessly sharing and of feeling the joy of giving without expecting anything in return.

By Mireya Posada
Executive Managing Director / Mireya Posada
Editor in Chief / Cesar Florez

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