Friday, October 5, 2012



His photography is like a design, it is the art of creating moments, colors, tones, and a language of its own that is expressed through his professional lens. His pictures depict the mystery, the glamour, the eroticism and even the surrealism of what his creative mind wants to express. Johnny’s reality is a world where his perfectionism and extreme sense of ethics have taken his work to a different frontier.

Famous fashion designers, movie and TV personalities, performers and advertising agencies have chosen the special and unique style of his work, transforming him into one of the best in the world. His photographs have graced the covers of major magazines and publications in Spain, Israel, Paris, New York, Miami, Mexico, and of course his native country Colombia.

Johnny was born in Medellin, where he started his career, but up until a year ago, he was living in Mexico. Even though his photography is geared towards fashion and advertising, he doesn’t consider himself as having a particular style, and that’s because he is always looking to experiment and obtain different results with every photo shoot.

His perseverance and talent have kept him in at the highest echelon within the realm of photography. Johnny Lopera is one of Latin America’s pride and joy!

By Mireya Posada
Executive Managing Director / Mireya Posada
Editor in Chief / Cesar Florez

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