Saturday, October 6, 2012



Several decades now, Madonna has entertained the world with her many eccentricities and scandals; but most of all, with her music and energy on stage. With successful tours like The Blond Ambition and Like a Virgin, she now returns better than ever with MDNA; the ninth career tour for the interpreter of Express Yourself, and one that with only a few weeks of having started has already surpassed profits of 100 million dollars.

With sold out arenas and stadiums all throughout the world, MDNA is categorized as being one of the most important tours of all time, and it is all thanks to the thousands of fans who faithfully follow her year after year, and to new generations who with the passing of time have discovered her music or have had the opportunity to attend one of her performances, reaffirming her as the only "Queen of Pop"

MDNA began in Tel Aviv, Israel last May and her journey has taken her from Abu Dabi in the United Arab Emirates to the major cities in Europe. Towards the end of August she is expected to return to the United States, where she will then go onto Mexico, thus concluding the tour by the end of the year. This, after a vast journey through the major cities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and especially Colombia, where the singer will perform for the first time, not once, but two nights back to back on November 28th and 29th, thus, calming the thirst of thousands of hungry followers whom the singer has in this country; especially in what's considered by many to be the "Musical Capital" of Colombia, Medellin; which has already started preparing her welcome in anticipation for what many consider will be one of Medllin's unforgettable musical events.

                                                                                                         By Mauricio Hernandez
                                                                                       Executive Managing Director / Mireya Posada
                                                                                                        Editor in Chief / Cesar Florez
                                                                                                         LATINO SHOW MAGAZINE


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