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You’re breathing faster, every breath gets heavier as you feel air fill your lungs, and the pumping of oxygen going through your heart intensifies!! You then shift your body to a more intricate and forceful position that makes you gasp, and the blood flows through your body permeating every muscle and tissue fiber. Like whispering raindrops falling silently, sweat slithers down your face and body as your muscles contract and relax with every alternating movement. You are almost at the peak of your session, you felt it coming, a strong and pleasing yet burning sensation that lets you know you are almost there; you’re almost done. You feel your muscles numb, yet intense and exploding with energy with every movement that you make.  It has ended. If you did it correctly, you have engaged in a successful and beneficial workout session.

The new enticing benefit to exercising is known as Coregasm. Simply put, it’s an exercise induced orgasm (EIO). The name comes from the link that exists between working out the core or abdominal muscles and its ensuing result, an orgasm. But coregasms are not as new as you would think. Scientist Alfred Kinsey fist accounted for this phenomenon in the 50s, when 5% of the women interviewed mentioned orgasms related to physical exercise. Who knew that such a taboo subject was up for debate back then.

As a health promoter and educator, finding the best pitch to catch clients’ interest to the benefits of exercise is not hard. What gets tricky is formulating a pitch enticing enough to make the sacrifices worthwhile. The reality is that, although working out provides pleasant outcomes in the long run, workout routines can sometimes be painful and grueling. Well…. That is until now.

Dr. Debby Herbenick, PhD., Associate Director at the Center For Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, led a separate research concluding that of the 530 women who participated, an estimated 51.4% reported having an exercise induced orgasm (EIO) during abdominal exercises, 26.5% lifting weights, 20% during yoga, 15.9% biking/spinning, 13.2 running and 9.6% walking/hiking. So, now that we know this phenomenon exists, we are led to question even further. Can men enjoy this experience and more importantly, can it be replicated for fitness purposes of course.

In short, the answer is yes. Dr. Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist, author of The Anatomy of Pleasure explains that “a lot of women require a buildup of tension in their legs before they can achieve the release of an orgasm,” and during exercise “the release of endorphins and dopamine, which are necessary for an orgasm, combined with the tension in the abs and lower extremities, can cause clitoral stimulation.” From the fitness perspective, Dr. Joy Davidson Ph.D. asserts that “Coregasms happen mostly to women with strong pelvic muscles while performing exercises that tap into the deeper core or into the quads or inner thighs, what they wind up doing is almost automatically squeezing pelvic muscles.”

Some women are able to replicate this experience, but this happens after some time of engaging in particular exercises like crunches. Even though there isn’t a completed study on men, it is reported that men are able to experience EIO, just not as frequently as women.

My advice, don’t wait for your New Year’s resolution to go bad, enjoy the benefits of an intense workout starting now. And who knows, you might just reap the benefits sooner than expected.

By César Flórez
Executive Managing Director / Mireya Posada
Editor in Chief / Cesar Florez

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